IPAUL PVC Vinyl Flooring

IPAUL PVC Vinyl Flooring

A "health" gift for the elderly

Floor shop outfit is the important one that decorates a project, the quality of the floor and performance are affecting whole space to decorate directly the effect, the floor that USES different performance according to different crowd can more intuitionistic let consumer choose the floor that suits him. The PVC floor specially designed for the elderly pay special attention to environmental protection and safety and anti-skid performance.

The exclusive advantage of anti-skid flooring for the elderly

Green security

As one of the top ten famous brands in China's elastic flooring industry, Ipaul has been adhering to the concept of green and environmental protection and adhering to the business philosophy of quality first. Our products have passed the IS09000 international quality system certification and ISO14001 international green environmental protection certification. We do not add anti-corrosion and mothproofing chemicals. Provide healthy and safe high quality floor for the elderly.

Mildew antibacterial

Is gradually increasing with age, the will fall in the body's immune function, prevent bacteria and microbial invasion and reproduction is crucial, Ipaul PVC floor surface through special processing, make its surface formation defense of thin film, with dirt, mold cannot penetrate inside, antibacterial mouldproof performance perfect embodiment in the middle of the floor.

Colour is tie-in

Harmonious colour collocation can bring a person the mood is cheerful, reason needs to notice the collocation of decorative pattern when decorating for old people, proposal chooses the floor of warm color series, because old people psychology can have some sensitivity, need care, choose warm color to fasten colour to make whole decorate a style more sweet. If the color match is too colorful, it will easily disturb the nervous system of the elderly and make people feel upset, which is not good for the health of the elderly.

The foot feels comfortable

Life lies in exercise and proper exercise can effectively strengthen the body of the elderly. Ipaul PVC floor has a good resilient energy, feet feel comfortable, helps protect the bones, while reducing fatigue. Returning to a room with PVC floors after a workout can effectively ease foot fatigue and relax the body. At the same time, the insulation of the Ipaul PVC floor allows you to walk on the ground without feeling cold. It's a quality floor for the elderly.

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The fifth China international aging industry expo

Our company has been committed to the research, development and production of safety and non-slip floor materials for the domestic and foreign pension industry as well as the customization of the whole ground solution of the pension system. Ipaul, the main brand of our company, has jointly presented the fifth China international aging industry expo together with the international well-known brand jf.

Fair time: November 8-10, 2018

Booth location: booth 1E53 in hall 1

Booth location: guangzhou poly world expo

Exhibition address: 1000 xingang east road, haizhu district, guangzhou city

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