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IPAUL PVC Vinyl Flooring

1-Armstrong Opreland

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1-Armstrong Opreland

Tired of complex interesting lines or luxuriant dazzling patterns, it is more likely for us to look for simple patterns. Rather than contests in spce and beauty, simple light mapping shall form unique lines and ground texture, which will be created pure and clean. Just like the pure air, once owned you'll feel as the most precious treasure is found.
Specification 技术指标 Standard 标准
Product Name 产品名称 OprelandTM光影斑驳TM
Product Code 产品编号 C00H0811
Tufted constraint 簇绒结构 Multi-level Pattern loop pile 高低图案圈绒
Fiber 纱线 PR0-CARE Fiber Nylon PR0-CARE优质尼龙纤维
Dye method 染色工艺 100% Solution Dyed 100%原液染色
Tufted weight(oz/yd2)绒重(盎司/平方码) 16.0
Pile height(mm)平均绒高(毫米) 3.5±0.5
Total height(mm)总高度(毫米) 6.0±0.5
Tile size(mm)地毯尺寸(毫米) 500×500
Standard backing 标准底背 PRO-CARE Backing PRO-CARE 环保独有底背
Stain resist protection 防污保护 PRO-CARE Self+ guard PRO-CARE 全面防护
*Anti-microbial*抑菌 *PRO-CARE Ag+ guard *PRO-CARE 银离子抑菌保护
Apperance Retention Rating 外观保持等级 Heavy Use 重度商业使用 QB/T 2755-2005
Flammability 阻燃性 Class B1 等级B1 GB 8624-2012
Indoor air quality 室内空气质量 TVOC A grade0.500mg/m2h TVOC 释放量A级0.500mg/m2h GB18587-2001

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