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KAPO-4.5mm/3.5mm Sports PVC floor for gym center or basketball court

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Sports PVC Floor

IPAUL offer the sports PVC floor for sport center application. We can make different texture, Sport PVC floor have different types for different application.

The professional PVC sports floor has excellent and stable ball resilience, and its surface energy would moderately deformed when it is impacted, like a sealed mattress with air inside. When it is wrestling or slipping, the closed foam back layer provide cushion to achieve minimum sports injuries.

Athletes absorb vibration during exercise and return exercise energy to improve exercise performance.

IPUAL professional PVC sports flooring

  • Glass fiber reinforced layer
  • Glass fiber grid stabilization layer
  • UV surface anti-fouling and wear-resistant treatment

IPUAL Sports Floor provides professional, comfortable and safe flooring.

The product is suitable for: badminton courts, table tennis courts, tennis courts, basketball courts, volleyball courts, handball courts, multi-sport competition courts and gymnasiums, kindergartens, dance floor-specific floors, shopping malls, schools, and office buildings.

A total of 30 designs and colors, Model number: BL8601-BL8639

Including 2 wood grains, 2 grid patterns, 4 hammered patterns, 6 lychee patterns, 1 snakeskin pattern, 3 diamond patterns, 2 sand grain patterns and 10 solid color dance floors.

Technical specification
Total thickness EN428 3.0mm~8.0mm
Thickness of wear layer EN429 0.20mm~0.7mm

Dimension (Wood)

Dimension (Mixed Wooden pattern)

EN426 101.6x 914.4 mm (4"*36" )
152.4 x 914.4mm (6"*36" )
152.4*1219.2 mm (6"*48" )
184.15*1219.2 mm(7"*48" )
Dimension (Marble, Carpet) EN426 457.2 x 457.2mm (18"*18" )
457.2 x 914.4 mm (18"*36")
Norm/Product specification EN649 GB/T 11982.1-2005
Fire rating EN 13 501-1 Bfl-s1
Fire rating GB 8624-2012 b1(B-s1,t0)
Toxic testing GB 18586-2001 Pass
RoHS EN71-3 Pass
Slip resistance wet DIN 51 130 R9
Abrasion resistance EN 660.2 ≤2.0mm
Abrasion group EN 649 T (group)³
Dimensional stability EN 434 ≤0.4%
Residual indentation EN 433 0.02mm
Thermal conductivity EN 12 524 0.25W/ (m.K)
Color fastness EN 20 105 - B02 ≥ 7 degree
Dimensional stability after exposure to heat (horizontal) GB/T 11982.1-2005 0.07mm
Dimensional stability after exposure to heat (vertical) GB/T 11982.1-2005 0.19mm
Peel strength (horizontal) GB/T 11982.1-2005 92.99N/50mm
Peel strength (vertical) GB/T 11982.1-2005 90.23N/50mm
TVOC TVOC* ISO 16000-9 Pass
Formaldehyde ISO 1600-9 : 2006 ND
Acetaldehyde ISO 1600-9 : 2006 ND

Items Discription
Size (available) 6" x 36" / 7"X48" / 9" x 48"
Thickness (available) 4.0mm / 4.2mm / 5.0mm/ 7.0mm (WPC)
Wear layer (available) 0.3mm / 0.5mm / 0.7mm
Surface treatment UV coated with matt finish
Soft base pad EVA, IXPE, or Soft wood sheet will be stick on the bottom to reduce the acoustic and increase the foot softy feeling
Base core LVT, SPC, and WPC is different with the base core material
Installation Unilin Click ( Standard) or Valinge Click
Features Waterproof / Anti -slip / Wear-resistance / Fire-resistance / Sound barrier
Advantages Easy click to install




IPAUL are fully committed to develop, produce, sell and install PVC resilient flooring (PVC Floor/ Vinyl Resilient Floor/Homogeneous PVC Floor, LVT/LVS/SPC/WPC). We provide excellent flooring products and service for our customer.

Our head office located in Guangzhou, products sell well all over China, and we also export our products to The Americas, Europe, Southeast Asian country, Middle East, Africa and so on. Our flooring has rich colors, good performance, It is well received by our customers. With a fully functional workshop, advanced PVC plastic floor production equipment and product testing center, then a full range of strict quality control is carried out for the production process of the product.

We actively advocate the “low-carbon and environmental building materials”. Our PVC roller sheet, PVC tiles and rubber flooring are widely use for medical institution, educational services, office place,

Residential area, airport, hotel, gym, library, club, shopping mall, factory and so on. It brings comfortable space for the customers to learn, work, exercise and live.

IPAUL floors have been fully recognized and affirmed by the market since launch. It has won a series of awards such as "Top ten brands of Chinese resilient flooring industry", "China's famous brands", "the first choice brand of green environmental protection", "the first choice brand of national engineering building materials" and "AAA grade Chinese quality credit enterprise". Our products had passed the European CE and SGS certification, ISO9001 quality management certification and ISO14001 environmental management system certification. IPAUL has become the supervision unit of Guangdong building materials industry association, and the executive director unit of China's resilient floor industry, which has a high reputation in the floor industry.

IPAUL has always been to "professional and outstanding" the management idea of serving our customers, cooperate with our new and old customers hand in hand to win a better future, our company all staff sincerely welcome all kinds friend inquiry, negotiation, cooperation and communication. And strives to make unremitting efforts to create an international famous national brand for IPAUL PVC resilient floor.

For more products, you can refer the table in the following:

brand PVC Commercial Flooring description

Wear Layer


Bottom Lay WebPages

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2.0 mm Resilient PVC Flooring

Thickness: 2.0 mm; Size: 20m (L)* 2m (W)

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77: Compact

22: Little Foaming

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3.0 mm Resilient PVC Flooring

Thickness: 3.0 mm; Size: 20m (L)* 2m (W)

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2.6 mm Resilient PVC Flooring

Thickness: 2.6 mm; Size: 20m (L)* 2m (W)

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1.8mm Resilient PVC Flooring

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0.25 mm WL

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1.6 mm Resilient PVC Flooring

Thickness: 1.6 mm; Size: 20m (L)* 2m (W)

UV Coating

0.15 mm WL

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3.5mm/4.5mm sports vinyl flooring

Thickness: 3.5 mm; Size: 20m (L)*1.5m/1.8m (W)

Thickness: 4.5 mm; Size: 15m (L)* 1.5m/1.8m (W)

UV Coating

1 mm WL

1.2mm WL

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